Welcome to my personal blog called Understanding Content Marketing @contentwithoutborders.com

This is a blog detailing my journey into the depths of the innovative and emerging practice called content marketing. In some parts of the world content marketing has already established itself as a core methodology through which brands can create highly customised and targeted content that drives hard business results like customer service, consumer education, consumer retention, and sales. Content marketing done right is a great growth strategy for your organisation! Just be reminded that it is not a short term strategy but a longer term one. Don’t expect immediate results because this isn’t how it works….consistency, tenacity and gradual development of content driven thinking and thought leadership is what is required.

This is an endurance game for the most part so be ready to endure!

The efficacy of content marketing is brought about by the enormous innovative developments in the digital age, a time in which we are seeing the bigger picture of the internet and its wider, and more intelligent and integrated applications. This is also a time in which the merged forces of data, content and the UX all come to life, relying on the organised and logical flow of data into insight into action (repeat until you have a cycle of optimisation)

Content marketing is considered by many to be the answer to the many flawed practices of traditional advertising & broadcasting / publishing. Content marketing offers a variety of integrated methods, tools and skills which together can create a compelling and attractive invitation to consumers to engage with brands more authentically and with purposeful intent.

The days of wasting marketing budgets on useless ideas with no real substance or business return are quickly disappearing! There is no reason for these marketing monies to be mindlessly spent on content that doesn’t work and which doesn’t speak to the correct target market, or which is simply so unappealing that it never gets seen by a human eyeball!

You wouldn’t believe how much of it there is out there! Billions are spent every year on content that never sees the light of day and which achieves nothing except to fill the techno-sphere with more stuff! Believe me we have enough stuff!

Do you want to actually make a real difference with your marketing minds? Do you want to understand what content marketing can do for you and your organisation?

If you do want these things then please do join me on my journey….I would love companions with whom I can engage with, debate, discuss and problem solve.

So if you come across me or my writing please do let me know your thoughts, criticisms and challenges (and maybe compliments if I am deserving)

I will do my best to shed light on the subject in such a way that makes practical sense to you my reader and companion, and in such a way that you can begin your own journey of growth into the world of Understanding Content Marketing!

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